13 Jan / 2016

Naughty 40 bday theme party

Men Turn Naughty When Turn 40

Plan the most entertaining night for your husband and make it a night that no one will ever forget. Surprise him with letting your hair down and simply enjoying, do not nag, do not stress, bring out the booze and celebrate his special day. Call all his friends and add a touch of growing up but not letting go of the child in him. Make a list of games that you could arrange and give your imagination a wild goose chase. Here are few ideas to add to the Naught Fourty birthday party:

  • A Naughty Cake: Plan on booking a naughty cake that brings out a fun element yet makes your special one feel loved and cared about. These days bakeries have a long list to choose from, be it moustaches, gym freaks, alcohol bottles or any hobbies you want the cake to showcase. The current trend is to go all out with creating a personalized theme based cake and you should too not refrain in does so.
  • Drinking Games: men love their liquor and so does the company they keep. Do not hold back on all the fun games that are in the market that involve drinking and plunging on the shots and having a rollicking time. From dart boards to roulette boards, the variety of drinking games is infinite. You can have a string of them lined up and even call your theme a “Drunken Dreams” night.
  • Naughty Favours: A birthday party is never over without a favour item to take along, and no matter how old you may turn there is a child in you. So bring out the kinkiest naughty side your husband would love and gift funny favours to his guest list, be it a squeezy boob ball or a hat with beer cans to sip from, make each favour an everlasting memory of the night you host.
  • Accessorize: With endless music and liquor being flowed, give your guests another reason to click those special moments together. Hand them fun goggles and hats and pick up a funk photo booth backdrop and picture away all the fun moments.

These few tips would really help you plan that fun night and would bring back many memories of your wild teen birthdays yet with a great twist. Funcart makes things even more interesting as it offers numerous options to choose from or simply pick up all of them and have a marvellous night.


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